It’s OK, You’re Not the Director

Directors chairs on movie set with Model, Actress, and Whatever on them

Lately I’ve been thinking about life as a movie. In our own lives, “we” are the main actors, because frankly we focus on ourselves most.

But there is a director, and he ultimately calls all the shots. If you royally messed up, all he has to say is “cut,” so you can regroup, take a breather, and start again. And if you think about it, it’s never a big deal! It happens to EVERYONE, and it’s totally normal. You may have to stop filming because you’re laughing and need to take it more seriously, or you messed up and need to give yourself a break. Either way, the director never says, “You’re done! That’s it. You can’t ever film again,” as long as you are WILLING to do better. That’s the key. Keep doing better. Keep moving forward. Life is up to YOU. Do what YOU want to do. It’s not up to anyone else; it’s up to YOU.

When I think about my life being like a movie, it makes me smile and relax my shoulders more…

My story is being written by someone else. I can trust that someone else. He has done it billions of times. And he will do it countless more times after me. He is worth my trust. I am just playing one part, and there are many other parts around me. If I show up on set and five minutes into the first scene, I already want to meet my future spouse and have kids, well- it wouldn’t even make sense. My life has to develop, and there is a more effective timing for every event in my life – and it’s not the same clock I look at. It’s a better one.

So, chill out! Relax. Breathe. Sleep well. Stop worrying so much. If you’re not where you want to be, trust that you WILL be, but in better timing and if you keep working on it. Knock and knock and knock on that door until it falls down. Other times, someone will be there to open it for you. And that’s awesome.

Good things are on their way and are even there for you every day. Just stretch out your hand, do something new, and you’ll see them.

Remember – you don’t have to be in control of your life anymore. In perfect timing, you’ll be exactly where you need to be, and it will all make sense. Every minute of hustling, praying, wishing, and working will be worth it. These things do connect – the people in your life are here for a reason and a season; the job you are in is either there to teach you something about yourself or to be the best years of your life; and your dreams are meant to keep your head up and excitement alive. Great things are ahead, and in the meantime, enjoy the GOOD things now.

You are not the director. Kick back and trust the Script written for you.



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