Sweet Midnight Dream (Poem)


Good night, this day,

I am now off to sleep,

Adventure awaits

in my sweet midnight dream,

There I am on a stage

with a band right behind me,

I’m singing so freely,

this crowd treats me kindly,

I sing and I jump,

I am lighter than feathers,

I look at the sky,

it is perfect Southern weather.

Every care is forgotten,

every sin is washed clean,

I am free as a kite

in my sweet midnight dream.

A postcard to father,

another to mother,

The same to my sisters

and the same to my brother,

This adventure takes me

around every state,

I’ll later see more,

And I really just can’t wait.

Yet as soon as it happens,

it soon has to end,

My eyes are opening;

I am seeing light again.

I am now off to work;

so good morning, this day,

Adventure continues

as I day-dream away.









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