A New Year: How Remembering Your Past Produces Thankfulness for Your Present

new-year-1901659_1920.pngHappy New Year! Oh, what a year it has been. I am convinced that I could easily write a book on the unexpected events of this past year, and perhaps I should, because…

Remembering events that have happened in just one year – the good, the bad, the exciting, the frightening, and even the boring – recreates the situations from a now retrospective angle.

And it’s always fascinating to remember events that you don’t have to relive.  You can always be thankful for them – the goodbye of a significant other or a hello to a new one. Although the goodbye devastating or the hello nerve-wrecking, you can now remember it as a new window, an open door, a “thank God I didn’t get that job” because a better one came along just a month later.

In the moment, pain can be excruciating, but when you look back on a hearty breakup or missed opportunity, what’s there to do but be thankful? You may have hit rock bottom, or maybe you got tripped up in this journey called life, but there is always another chance for you.

Start crawling until you can walk, then walk until you can’t help but run again.

What memories do you have from 2016? Were they devastating moments of life, or were they extravagant? Find beauty in everything, and soon you will see that you were right all along. There is beauty that can be found in every season of life. Look back on this past year – every decision and every moment you had no control over – and search for beauty in it. You will be amazed of all the memories you can be thankful for.

Welcome 2017. We can’t wait for all the stories we will tell about you!


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