What if your words were worth a thousand pictures?

Hidden in the spaces between each word is a perfectly painted picture from your imagination. Though there is beauty in images, words inspire creativity unlike any other, simply because there are no limits; you cannot imagine wrong.

Do your words come to life? Does your writing bring tears to the eyes or laughter to the bellies of your readers? Does the vulnerability of each story strengthen others to tell theirs?

Imagine the most beautiful scenery you’ve had the privilege of gazing upon. Were you in a rusted cabin amidst snow topped mountains when the 6:00am sun began to peak in your window? “I’m coming, I’m coming!” it reassures, as if the sun were a toddler running down the driveway from grandma’s embrace to mama’s.

Then, “I missed you,” mama whispers, pressing her misty eyes shut. And there, as she holds her baby in her shivering arms, it is as if the sun had taken over every corner of the sky. The crackle and crunch of the falling icicles told of the sun’s work as it shone over their one-story home.

And just like that, we have brought these words to life from our own imaginations!

Follow me as we dive into the beauty of storytelling and watch our words come to life. Storytelling: Let’s Do This Together


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