It’s OK, You’re Not the Director

Directors chairs on movie set with Model, Actress, and Whatever on them

Lately I’ve been thinking about life as a movie. In our own lives, “we” are the main actors, because frankly we focus on ourselves most.

But there is a director, and he ultimately calls all the shots. If you royally messed up, all he has to say is “cut,” so you can regroup, take a breather, and start again. And if you think about it, it’s never a big deal! It happens to EVERYONE, and it’s totally normal. You may have to stop filming because you’re laughing and need to take it more seriously, or you messed up and need to give yourself a break. Either way, the director never says, “You’re done! That’s it. You can’t ever film again,” as long as you are WILLING to do better. That’s the key. Keep doing better. Keep moving forward. Life is up to YOU. Do what YOU want to do. It’s not up to anyone else; it’s up to YOU.

When I think about my life being like a movie, it makes me smile and relax my shoulders more…

My story is being written by someone else. I can trust that someone else. He has done it billions of times. And he will do it countless more times after me. He is worth my trust. I am just playing one part, and there are many other parts around me. If I show up on set and five minutes into the first scene, I already want to meet my future spouse and have kids, well- it wouldn’t even make sense. My life has to develop, and there is a more effective timing for every event in my life – and it’s not the same clock I look at. It’s a better one.

So, chill out! Relax. Breathe. Sleep well. Stop worrying so much. If you’re not where you want to be, trust that you WILL be, but in better timing and if you keep working on it. Knock and knock and knock on that door until it falls down. Other times, someone will be there to open it for you. And that’s awesome.

Good things are on their way and are even there for you every day. Just stretch out your hand, do something new, and you’ll see them.

Remember – you don’t have to be in control of your life anymore. In perfect timing, you’ll be exactly where you need to be, and it will all make sense. Every minute of hustling, praying, wishing, and working will be worth it. These things do connect – the people in your life are here for a reason and a season; the job you are in is either there to teach you something about yourself or to be the best years of your life; and your dreams are meant to keep your head up and excitement alive. Great things are ahead, and in the meantime, enjoy the GOOD things now.

You are not the director. Kick back and trust the Script written for you.



Sweet Midnight Dream (Poem)


Good night, this day,

I am now off to sleep,

Adventure awaits

in my sweet midnight dream,

There I am on a stage

with a band right behind me,

I’m singing so freely,

this crowd treats me kindly,

I sing and I jump,

I am lighter than feathers,

I look at the sky,

it is perfect Southern weather.

Every care is forgotten,

every sin is washed clean,

I am free as a kite

in my sweet midnight dream.

A postcard to father,

another to mother,

The same to my sisters

and the same to my brother,

This adventure takes me

around every state,

I’ll later see more,

And I really just can’t wait.

Yet as soon as it happens,

it soon has to end,

My eyes are opening;

I am seeing light again.

I am now off to work;

so good morning, this day,

Adventure continues

as I day-dream away.








The Pretty Girl Gets the Ring


Confession. Lately my morning ritual has gone as follows: Wake up. Talk to God while I get ready. Check Facebook. See new engagement post. Wonder why it wasn’t me…

And at times I dwell on it, taking the pep out of my step as I proceed with my day. I tell myself that there are some things I can simply never measure up to, until I do __________.

I know I’m not alone in thinking this way. It’s like a disease every person has to fight: The “I’m not good enough” monster.

It happens in love. A few years ago, I experienced heartbreak when the person I was with chose to marry someone else. All I could think to do was compare. “She’s a better choice,” I guessed. And I was devastated.

It happens at work. A few months ago, my friend exclaimed that she got a promotion at her job, and I congratulated her while observing the attributes that she had and I didn’t. “The biggest personality gets the promotion,” was my conclusion. I commenced the list of everything I needed to change about myself in order to be successful, too.

It happens with friends. Just the other day, I heard about my old classmate who’s living out his childhood dream of traveling the world in a tour bus full of hipster musicians. I catch myself thinking how freely he probably enjoys life, and I conclude that I must not be living a life of real excitement. “The free spirit gets the adventure,” I assume.

But here is what I am learning. There’s no easy answer, no straight ticket or overnight shipping when it comes to these things.

It’s the crazy wheel of God’s timing, whenever He decides to land the pointer on your next step. We’re not supposed to hold all the answers in our hands; we are simply supposed to trust God with them.

Soon we will look back and realize that it all makes sense, and it was all worth the wait. In the meantime, I’m starting to see the joy in being exactly where I am at.

Signing off,




The question I never thought I’d ask…


To my core, I am confident and friendly, welcoming all who walk through my door and thanking all who open their doors to me. I hardly ever used to get insecure and doubt myself.

But lately, it’s been the story of my life. It really hit me when – just a few weeks ago – I was awakened to a loud interrogation from my own mind:

“What is wrong with you???”

I was honestly shocked. I’ve never startled myself with a thought so harsh. Was it a nightmare? What made me think this way? Why was that my very first thought of the day?

Before I could listen to the birds chirping or my sister knocking on my door or the sound of my brother blending a smoothie in the kitchen, I wondered what was wrong with me… Wow. I felt so defeated, and it was only 7:00 am.

So, I asked God. Maybe there were things I really needed to change, and He was just… possibly… reminding me? But it wasn’t God who was criticizing me… It was me. I listened some more for His answer, and it came so sweetly as I remembered an old friend’s counsel:

Whatever negative words you speak over yourself, imagine you are actually saying them to a much younger, more innocent you. You’ll realize how seldom you give yourself grace.

You wouldn’t tell your six year old self, “Why wear that? You don’t look good at all” or “I can’t believe you messed up again! No one’s gonna love you anymore.”

Instead… When children make mistakes, there’s a certain grace you show them, because they are still learning.

I am absolutely a work-in-progress. I have so many things to work toward and improve on. But little by little, moment by moment, I realize that I won’t become a better person by yelling at myself.  

The truth is, I find the most joy when I am the healthiest, happiest, friendliest, most productive, most fearless, and most loving Christina.

We have to remember that we are no less loved and valued as we move forward. I am on a journey. You are on a journey. We find out who we are with every step we take.

I think younger me would agree 🙂

Little Christina


Signing off,



Shocked or Shaken? (Keep Walking)


Sometimes unexpected events can shock you a bit, but it doesn’t shake you. Other times, the unexpected comes into your life like a tornado and totally obliterates what you thought would happen.

That’s kind of how my week is already going.

I can be so sure of the smallest of things. My prediction: “Life will take me down this road, then I’ll turn right, take another right, one more right, and I’m there!” It makes perfect sense… Until things go totally, completely, unexpectedly left, and life is now hanging upside down.

What do I do?

I’ve learned a few things in the past few days, one of them being: keep walking. I’ve received shocking text messages, unexpected news from Facebook, and phone calls that made me a little more nervous than I wanted to be.

The thing is… I just decided to keep walking. I knew the feeling would pass, whether it was embarrassment or sadness, anger or regret. As quickly as the chaos came, just as quickly I knew it would leave, if I chose to keep walking… to keep my eyes locked on the path I was meant to walk that day.

Though I was shocked, I wasn’t shaken. I didn’t change my destination for the day.

Have you ever had shocking events that seem to come totally out of left field? Someone from your past knocks on your door, someone from your present leaves, or your 5-year plan gets a little more complicated? What do you do? My suggestion: Just keep walking. You’ll soon find out where this road you’re on leads to. And you might be pleasantly surprised. 

Signing off,


My Dad’s Best Told Story 


What is your favorite story to tell? Do you most enjoy stories about accidental hangups that make you burst in laughter, or do you relate more to someone’s most embarrassing moments? What about the tales that have the ability to completely change the atmosphere, either lightening or deepening the mood of the room?

One of my favorite stories comes from my father. A few times in the year, he and the rest of my family will gather for an elegant meal that my mother has prepared. And we always gather around the table, excited to tell our stories. My three sisters, two brothers, and parents take turns remembering their favorite memories of all time – usually telling how they went terribly, hilariously wrong.

My dad will forever tell the story of how he and his best friend accidentally jumped in to an elderly woman’s car, mistaking her vehicle for theirs. In the midst of the conversation of that night, they were leaving a gas station, and my dad reached out to open the driver’s side door while his best friend reached for the passenger’s. They pulled and  yanked, but their car doors were locked, even though they had pressed the unlock button on his car keys. So…They’re men, and what do men do? Try harder. Yank, yank, yank, and repeat!

Little did they know…They were trying to forcefully open another person’s car in the dark parking lot of the Michigan gas station. The worst part? It was an elderly woman inside the car – in the driver’s seat – terrified to death and holding the doors closed, hoping my dad and friend wouldn’t enter in and rob her.

As soon as the two saw the mortified face of the woman through the window, they busted into a heavy, deep, uncontrollable, endless laughter that – to this day – my father still breaks out in to each time he tells this story. So, what was the best part of the story? The woman – once she realized that my dad and his best friend had made a horrible mistake and were simply trying to find their own car – joined them in hysterical laughter below the midnight sky of a  Michigan gas station parking lot that night.

My father’s laughter spreads each time he tells this story, and my family always listens  with such excitement and anticipation, as if it is the first time we are hearing it every year.

That is one of my favorite storytelling moments. What is yours? Comment below!

A New Year: How Remembering Your Past Produces Thankfulness for Your Present

new-year-1901659_1920.pngHappy New Year! Oh, what a year it has been. I am convinced that I could easily write a book on the unexpected events of this past year, and perhaps I should, because…

Remembering events that have happened in just one year – the good, the bad, the exciting, the frightening, and even the boring – recreates the situations from a now retrospective angle.

And it’s always fascinating to remember events that you don’t have to relive.  You can always be thankful for them – the goodbye of a significant other or a hello to a new one. Although the goodbye devastating or the hello nerve-wrecking, you can now remember it as a new window, an open door, a “thank God I didn’t get that job” because a better one came along just a month later.

In the moment, pain can be excruciating, but when you look back on a hearty breakup or missed opportunity, what’s there to do but be thankful? You may have hit rock bottom, or maybe you got tripped up in this journey called life, but there is always another chance for you.

Start crawling until you can walk, then walk until you can’t help but run again.

What memories do you have from 2016? Were they devastating moments of life, or were they extravagant? Find beauty in everything, and soon you will see that you were right all along. There is beauty that can be found in every season of life. Look back on this past year – every decision and every moment you had no control over – and search for beauty in it. You will be amazed of all the memories you can be thankful for.

Welcome 2017. We can’t wait for all the stories we will tell about you!

What if your words were worth a thousand pictures?

Hidden in the spaces between each word is a perfectly painted picture from your imagination. Though there is beauty in images, words inspire creativity unlike any other, simply because there are no limits; you cannot imagine wrong.

Do your words come to life? Does your writing bring tears to the eyes or laughter to the bellies of your readers? Does the vulnerability of each story strengthen others to tell theirs?

Imagine the most beautiful scenery you’ve had the privilege of gazing upon. Were you in a rusted cabin amidst snow topped mountains when the 6:00am sun began to peak in your window? “I’m coming, I’m coming!” it reassures, as if the sun were a toddler running down the driveway from grandma’s embrace to mama’s.

Then, “I missed you,” mama whispers, pressing her misty eyes shut. And there, as she holds her baby in her shivering arms, it is as if the sun had taken over every corner of the sky. The crackle and crunch of the falling icicles told of the sun’s work as it shone over their one-story home.

And just like that, we have brought these words to life from our own imaginations!

Follow me as we dive into the beauty of storytelling and watch our words come to life. Storytelling: Let’s Do This Together